Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Keeping Counterfeit Parts Out of Your Assembly Process

Everyone can agree counterfeit parts lead to unreliable products, drive up costs, and can damage your brand. It is becoming increasingly difficult to identify counterfeit parts as the producers are getting better at their craft. It’s a continuous cat and mouse game with each side trying to outsmart the other.
One thing is certain; if you’re not sourcing from authorized sources, you dramatically increase the chance of these products making it onto your boards. Here are some of the most interesting stats:
  • 46% of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) say they have already been impacted by counterfeit parts.
  • 32% of OEMs did not discover they installed counterfeit parts until after production was completed.
  • When OEMs were asked why they went outside the normal supply chain, 50% cited part availability and another 18% cited long lead times.
The folks at Industry Week have found “consumer and industrial businesses are losing approximately $250 billion each year because of counterfeit components.” It’s amazing how much this is costing businesses and the effect it’s having in our industry, especially in regards to military applications. This issue is so prevalent, the government has issued several detection and avoidance practices for counterfeit parts.
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Which one is the real part and which one is the counterfeit?

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