Thursday, September 3, 2015

Caribbean Vacation

Ahhhh... September in Las Vegas. A time of year when the temperature finally drops to... 102?!?! I hope the weather is better wherever you are... Our Vegas weather is not being very kind. If only we could get away to a beach somewhere in the Caribbean. Instead, we're stuck here at work.

Well we might as well make the best of this sunny day. If you want to pop into our much cooler BOM Scrub page and upload your BOM to wipe the sweat off of it, we will send you a refreshingly cool Jamba Juice gift card along with your squeaky clean BOM.

Stay cool,

Director of Caribbean Dreams

Seriously though, I am on vacation this week. If it takes a week for your gift card to arrive, I apologize. This offer is good for 7 days after posting.

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