Thursday, September 24, 2015

Truly Free Shipping

This week is a simple reminder that we are still offering free shipping on PO's placed by the end of September. Seriously, take advantage of this awesome offer!For those of you who didn't take advantage of this offer yet, you may have thought I was lying. I mean, why else wouldn't you want free shipping? Well, to remove all doubts this time, I asked my boss to give me Sodium Pentothal, commonly known as truth serum, before I wrote this email. Want proof? Here are a couple truths.

  • I am a board game addict.
  • My favorite drink is Gin and Tonic.
  • I just got married.
  • The password to our office security system is--
Whoa! Good thing that stuff wore off in time! Anyways, enjoy our free shipping offer until the end of the month!

Happy saving,

Director of Honesty, Integrity, and Other Sales Sounding Terms

*Only one week left to steal this bad boy offer. This offer is only good through 09/30/15 on orders $500 or more.

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