Thursday, October 1, 2015

Pizza, Beer, and NFL Sunday

Are there any football fans out there? Football season is in full swing, which is like heaven for some of us. There's not much better than kicking back on Sunday, enjoying a beer, and watching the Broncos win against the Vikings. 

Why do I bring up football? because competition is good! So good, in fact, that we want to dare you to compare us to your current manufacturing partner. What's in it for you? Easy, 40% off Papa John's pizza. This way you can enjoy a slice of cheesy goodness while you sip a Bud Light and watch the games this weekend!

Good luck this Sunday,

Director of Football Greatness

*The views and opinions on the Broncos do not necessarily represent the views of NAS Electronics Manufacturing, even if our founders are devout Broncos fans themselves.
**No offense is meant to Vikings fans, I have nothing against the Vikings and actually have Adrian Peterson on my fantasy team. But you will lose to us this Sunday.
This offer is only good for 7 days after posting.

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