Thursday, October 22, 2015

Sport, Popcorn, and BOM Scrubs

So we're hitting the 7th week of the NFL season, NHL is in full swing, and the MLB is getting close to the world series. With so many sports, all one can do is... sit back with some popcorn and beer and enjoy! It truly is the most wonderful time of the year!

In case your out of the loop, here are some stats to throw out at the water cooler:
NFL: The Panthers, Broncos, Patriots, Bengals, and Packers are all still undefeated and the Lions finally got their first win against the Bears.
NHL: The Canadiens (yes, it's spelled that way) are undefeated 7 games in, while the Blue Jackets have yet to win.
MLB: The Mets are heading to the World Series and the Royals are trying to keep the Blue Jays from mounting a comeback tomorrow.
NBA: Kicks off next week with the defending champions (the Warriors) playing Tuesday and the team they beat (the Cavaliers) playing before them.
NAS: Offering free BOM scrubbing and budgetary pricing.

I know the last one isn't a sport, but we are pretty awesome. Let us help you with the popcorn. Submit a BOM Scrub this week and we will send you a flavor of your choice from our favorite popcorn store, Popcorn Girl

BOM Scrub and Cost

Love thy team,

Director of Football Pools (not the ones you swim in)

*You do not actually need to watch sports to enjoy the popcorn offered in this email. One day I'll figure out the beer portion with HR. 

This offer is only good for 7 days after receipt.

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